Rob Ogilvie

Rob Ogilvie

Rob has over twenty years experience as a commercial lawyer, including 12 years as in-house counsel at Telecom New Zealand.

Rob started his legal career with four years general practice in Wellington before joining Chapman Tripp in 1989. After time overseas in 1994 he spent 18 months in general practice in Auckland before joining Telecom as in-house counsel in 1996. He left Telecom in 2008 to travel with his family before establishing Franks & Ogilvie in 2009 with Stephen Franks.

Rob has extensive legal experience in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific dealing with a wide range of commercial, corporate and regulatory issues and negotiations. These include commercial agreements of all kinds, joint ventures and other relationships, outsourcing, technology supply arrangements, corporate finance and governance, disputes and dispute resolution, and regulation and competition. In 2007/8 Rob led Telecom’s make or break separation negotiations with the New Zealand Government and regulatory agencies.

Rob understands how corporate decisions are made, and how legal advice can help.

Rob has a particular interest in leading or assisting complex high stakes negotiations to resolve seemingly intractable problems. He has many years experience in commercial and regulatory negotiation, honed both by training at Harvard and personal interest.

When leading negotiations, Rob is comfortable with both compromise and conflict. His flexible strategies have, on many occasions and in the most difficult circumstances, achieved good outcomes for his clients with suppliers, customers, partners and regulatory agencies.

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