Brigitte Morten

Senior Consultant
Brigitte Morten

Brigitte is admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court.

She has over a decade of experience working in politics across Australia and New Zealand. She has a Bachelor of Law from Victoria University, a Masters of Law from the Australian National University, and a Graduate Certificate in Counter-Terrorism from Interdisciplinary Center (Israel).

Brigitte spent three years providing political and media advice to the Embassy of Israel in Australia, whilst dealing with a number of high profile events. She worked as a Senior Advisor in state politics and worked on a number of Australian state and federal election campaigns. Brigitte was a Chief of Staff to an Australian Senator, before returning home to be the Senior Ministerial Advisor to the Minister of Education in the last National Government.

She has worked extensively with clients in the private sector to help them establish and maintain relationships with government, lobby on important issues, and drive campaigns to raise public interest. Brigitte particularly enjoys working with grassroots and member based organisations.

Brigitte has extensive knowledge of law making processes, how to best utilise the Official Information Act, and how to coordinate public interest campaigns across multiple channels.

in the news
March 23, 2020

Before the Level 4 lockdown announcement on Monday, Senior Consultant Brigitte Morten joined Nine to Noon with Neale Jones and Kathryn Ryan to discuss the week in politics. The response to Covid-19 has been fast moving so the Panel discussed the first business support package, the importance of good political communication and the role of opposition MPs during a crisis. You can listen by clicking here.

January 17, 2020

Senior Consultant Brigitte Morten wrote for The Spinoff on New Year's Resolutions for the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition -

"Like most people, for me the reality of the New Year and those shiny resolutions are starting to wear off. Sure, I brought a salad for lunch yesterday, but I quickly ran out of lettuce and it will be back to a takeaway burrito today. So instead of holding myself to account on my resolutions, I thought it would be much easier to create resolutions for our politicians. After all, they are paid to be accountable to us.

Assuming that their overarching 2020 resolution is to lead a government post-election, here are some helpful hints for our major party leaders on what they should be aiming for... To read more, head over to The Spinoff

November 28, 2019

Senior Consultant, Brigitte Morten, is part of the team, and has blogged on the lessons NZ Labour can learn from Australian Labor’s shock election loss earlier this year. You can read the post here.

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