Brigitte Morten

Brigitte Morten

Brigitte is admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court.

She has over a decade of experience working in politics across Australia and New Zealand. She has a Bachelor of Law from Victoria University, a Masters of Law from the Australian National University, and a Graduate Certificate in Counter-Terrorism from Interdisciplinary Center (Israel).

Brigitte spent three years providing political and media advice to the Embassy of Israel in Australia, whilst dealing with a number of high profile events. She worked as a Senior Advisor in state politics and worked on a number of Australian state and federal election campaigns. Brigitte was a Chief of Staff to an Australian Senator, before returning home to be the Senior Ministerial Advisor to the Minister of Education in the last National Government.

She has worked extensively with clients in the private sector to help them establish and maintain relationships with government, lobby on important issues, and drive campaigns to raise public interest. Brigitte particularly enjoys working with grassroots and member based organisations.

Brigitte has extensive knowledge of law making processes, how to best utilise the Official Information Act, and how to coordinate public interest campaigns across multiple channels.

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July 5, 2021

Director Brigitte Morten appeared on TVNZ's Q&A on Sunday 4 July to discuss the week in politics. Alongside host Jack Tame and panelist Dr Lara Greeves, she discussed Australia's pathway away from the elimination strategy, Maori co-governance, and the three waters proposals.

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June 30, 2021

Franks Ogilvie announces the appointment of Brigitte Morten as a Principal and Director of the company Commercial & Public Law Ltd, and the promotion of Aimee Dartnall to Senior Solicitor.

Brigitte joining Stephen Franks and Rob Ogilvie in ownership consolidates the development she has brought to the firm since joining in 2019. Aimee’s promotion reflects the considerable experience she has acquired in managing and building the firm’s litigation practice.

The firm will further expand in the areas managed by Brigitte and Aimee.

Before joining Franks Ogilvie, Brigitte spent over a decade working in politics here and in Australia. Brigitte knows how government actually works, in distinction to how outsiders think it might work or should work. She is regularly asked for media comment on political issues.

Stephen Franks, founding Franks Ogilvie principal says, “I’ve seen Brigitte’s current experience and connections give Franks Ogilvie clients unique insights. Our advice can get results more constructive, speedy and permanent than traditional legal advice. Without understanding the realities of public advocacy and strategic communication, lawyer involvement can sometimes lead clients into little more than risk, expense and delay.

She has become a principal on an accelerated timeframe following recognition from the Law Society that her experience in ministerial and political management positions in Australia and New Zealand is valued legal experience.

Aimee Dartnall’s promotion follows her responsibility for the firm’s work in high profile cases such as the Council of Licensed Firearm Owners v Minister for Police, Moncrief-Spittle v Regional Facilities Auckland, Re Edwards, and other cases in the High Court, and Court of Appeal.

“We’re delighted by Brigitte and Aimee’s contribution to the growth of our practice,” says Franks Ogilvie Principal, Rob Ogilvie.

For further information, please contact Practice Manager, Angela Banks

June 14, 2021

Senior Consultant Brigitte Morten joined Kathryn Ryan and Capital Relations Director, Neale Jones on the Nine to Noon Week in Politics panel. They covered a wide range of topics including EV incentives, the Climate Change Commission advice, political donations and immigration settings.

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